Our Projects in Uganda

Our Projects in Uganda

Since 2004 Patrick’s Children without Sponsors has strived to improve the lives of Ugandans. Over the years we have tried many projects with a goal of not just raising funds for the poor, but giving them the tools for a better life! We have learned a lot about the people of Uganda, as well as their economy and culture.

We are confident that through our commitment to continuous improvement that the current three areas of focus, Education, Supplies, and Hygiene provide the greatest investment in opportunity.


There are many great organizations, many who we have worked with, that offer sponsorships for orphans. While we have done this as well, we believe we have a unique opportunity to assist in education.

Most Ugandan students are able to receive primary school education through these other programs and state-sponsored schools. We have found that funding for secondary school becomes very expensive for most Ugandans.

We have started sponsoring individual students with school fees and more. We look for students who are motivated and have a plan for their education. Through the partnerships, we have with schools and orphanages, we hope to continue providing further education

We are also working on options for specific trade/skill training and classes to provide.


We have consistently provided supplies to those who need them in Uganda. One of the programs we have done on each visit since the beginning is allotting certain amounts of money to orphanages, meeting with them to understand their needs, and then obtaining those supplies for them. The amount is usually around $250 and is often used to provide things like: pens, pencils, paper, baby formula, diapers, bedding, mosquito nets, and even medication.

In Uganda, funding will often not get to where it is supposed to go. That is why we have found it very effective to evaluate needs and meet them. Our team also researches cost on items that are often needed. Some items like toothbrushes and diapers are much cheaper to bring from the U.S., while bedding and formula can be sourced locally in Uganda.

We also work with local businesses and churches to feed thousands of people at a time in the slums of Jinja for less than $200.


Our most recent project is an important one. We have always worked with orphanages to provide supplies like toothbrushes and soap, but prior to a recent trip, Patrick found a new area of huge need, specifically feminine hygiene products.

He was able to find a manufacturer in Uganda that makes reusable pads trust us, it’s the best option. On his last visit he was able to supply training and pads to over 100 students at an all girls school. We are hoping to continue providing both the training and pads to young women, reducing a huge health and sanitation risk.


Past Projects

Over the years we have worked on many projects in Uganda. Each one with the goal of providing opportunity for the Ugandan people. Here are a few of those projects:

Boda-Bodas: We provided motorcycle taxis and business training to Ugandans to start and sustain businesses.

Fuel Briquette Presses: Our partnership with the Peterson Press provided the training and supplies to make cooking fuel briquettes. This projected created sustainability, savings, and income opportunities for orphanages.

Pig, Rabbit, and Poultry Farms: By funding the procurement of animals, our partners were able to build small farms to provide for themselves.

Bracelet Making: We provided jobs creating custom handmade bracelets that were sold here in the United States.

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