Orphanage Program-1 Time Sponsorship

The following are orphanages located in Uganda, Africa. Each one will be allocated 200,000 shillings ($100) for the purchase of supplies needed by the caretakers for the children. 100% received from donors as a donation is 100% given. No Administrative expenses are taken from the donation. We run a lean and low-cost non-profit organization; similar to running a profitable business.

Peter, our Partnership Liaison in Uganda, locates, creates, and maintains partnerships with these orphanages throughout the year.

Each time Patrick visits Uganda, he will visit orphanages of which will take $50-100 for each of  those orphanages. For the first 5 days, he will visit 5 orphanages on each day listening to the caretakers describe in detail what needs can be met for 200,000 shillings. Days 6-7, he will be researching/shopping, & negotiating the purchase of those needs belonging to the children. On Days 8-10, he will be delivering those items to the orphanages that have asked for them. Sometimes it is hard to outline a specific daily routine but mainly it includes helping out as many orphanages possible when he is in Uganda.(See Journals ’06 & ’09/10 for more details).

Amani Baby CottageAmani Baby Cottage, Jinja, Uganda, Orphanage #00012008

Contact Name: Diane Rundolph

Email: to follow

Phone Number: +01145294833

Orphanage Condition: Fair; 2 story complex with separate quarters for nurses & 2-year olds.

# of Children: 65

Ages of Children: 1 day to 4 years (including 12 preemies)

Needs of Children: Diapers; formula

There are many, many, orphanages that have been helped out throughout the years.  The pictures of each orphanage would be horrendous to post but please read my journal notes from the last trip to Uganda back in 2010.