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The Peterson Press Used to Make Fuel Briquettes

A while back I met a wonderful inventor, who is involved in a local rotary club, who created a portable hydraulic press used to manufacture briquettes called the Peterson Briquette Press. A briquette is a biomass of shredded paper, saw dust, dried leaves, water, and other natural resources that would then be used (instead of charcoal or firewood) to fuel cooking sessions.

PCwS Uganda has started a training and production facility in Jinja. This allows for hands-on training for orphanages, etc.

As an alternative source to charcoal, each orphanage will be able to prepare their own briquettes and sell the extras to their communities. It takes one day to collect the necessary

Making briquettes in Jinja

ingredients; one day to process & manufacture; & 3 days to dry. Each orphanage, if properly trained, can have a positive cash flow within 7 days of starting the briquette project.

It has taken me 9 years of working on projects in Uganda to find something like this to introduce on a mass scale to orphanages (and possibly to orphanages in neighboring countries).

The first video below shows James, of PCwS Uganda, making briquettes from start to finish. The second shows some of the widows supported by PCwS making briquettes and how they are used to cook.


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  1. Joan says:

    I am impressed with the Peterson press. How can i acquire one.

    And thanks for the simple innovation

  2. sandra says:

    this is very creative! the video is good though the sound is abit low. i would love to make “briquettes” but using some materials that are abit different something i saw in my village. how does one acquire this machine. thank u.

  3. i would like to support the orphans by buying at least one briquette press. How is this possible?

  4. Akello Jannet Otim says:

    hello thanks so much for the work you are doing for our OVCs. i am uganda based up county in Lira and would like to have contacts for this briquette making machinces. We are involved in Agriculture and deal with lots of farmers in the region and we feel this is a good intervention we have already introduce the technology to our community but we need portable simple technology(briguette making machines) for mainly our womens group and intrested in acquiring some. i will appricate your quick response Tel 0772 820 420

  5. We have just introduced briquette making using biomass and are very interested in learning about using sawdust as well. Contact us here in Uganda as soon as you can, thanks and God bless, Greg

  6. moses k kyagaba says:

    for a long time i vie been trying to find a briquet making machine but in vain. so i would wish to link up with your organization to get full details. i know of many helpless children within my community who really benefit from such a project. please respond. thanks

  7. sylvia says:

    Good machine. where can we get the Peterson press in Uganda? We need an alternative to charcoal use urgently.

  8. Elvira Pöhland says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I read in Harvest Money about your report on briquette making. Am a German volunteer living and working in the rural remote areas of Kabarole District, here Ruteete Subcounty. I wish to learn more about the project because I think it can also help our families and children living with HIV/AIDS and it could also be a very good project for jobless young people. How much is the press and where to get it? Where can we get instructions how to make the briquettes?
    I am the Director of the Organisation SOMA CHILD SUPPORT UGANDA with sit in Ruteete, Ruteete Subcounty, Kabarole District, 17 km from Fort Portal Town.
    I would be very glad to hear from you coz this idea/project could also help my children and schools we are working with.
    Thanks so much.

  9. Harriet Nabbosa says:

    Hi, we are a private secondary school in Uganda interested in the briquette press. can you please help us to acquire some for the purpose of training students and making fuel. Our school name is Good Shepherd high school found in bweyogerere. We will be gratefull for any assistance.
    many Thanks
    Harriet Nabbosa

  10. Dr. Nelson Okello says:

    I have been following closely your cooking fuel project and I see a lot of potential in my country Uganda especially in the north where the two decade war of LRA has impoverished and caused a lot of environmental degradation. I see this as the only viable way we can adopt to save our environment and get fuel from the usually abundant agricultural refuse, saw dust and paper.
    I would really want to get in touch with your organization and work together towards achieving this very important goal.
    Best regards


  11. Dear Patrick,
    I live in Uganda and we have programs on vulnerable children generally inclusive of Orphans living in or out institutions. I have a kin interest in environmental protection and helping children and adults to appreciate the need for the protection of the environment. I would like to know how you can get briquette making machines and how much one would cost.

  12. Dear Patrick,
    I live in Uganda and we have programs on vulnerable children generally inclusive of Orphans living in or out institutions. I have a kin interest in environmental protection and helping children and adults to appreciate the need for the protection of the environment. .

  13. Anita Mago says:

    This is a very useful innovation. I am working with rural communities in Masaka which have a challenge of finding cooking fuel. Brickets would greatly complement the energy saving stoves that we are working on. How can we acquire the briquette making machines? Are they available locally? Is there a possibility of visiting your Gaba sites in Kampala to get an on-sight impression?
    Thank you.

  14. oluka peter says:

    we have a community based organization in Pallisa district of Uganda (Nyaguo Basin Conservation Foundation). our members and the community in general cater for orphans as it is not traditional of us to put children in orphanages. i wonder whether we can access the bricket making machines to support families that are catering for these children. i must say that all those families are very poor and find themselves unable to make ends meet which trickles down to the children they cater for. i will be grateful to hear from you.



    We have a climate change unit at st.kizito s.s Bugolobi,help us,we really wish to introduce briquettes at our school and in the neighbouring community as a means of saving nature through reduced energy demands mainly charcoal. 0776880525


    At St.kzito s.s ,we have children from different backgrounds,some are so disadvantaged,e.g orphans ,those from war affected zones,ex-rebels,former abductees,so we really have children with diverse backgrounds.We reach out to communities e.g taking basic items like sugar ,soap,flour,clothing to the others in need e.g the Good shepherd home kisenyi, Nsambya babies home,Bakateyamba home at Nalukolongo,Naguru remand home,Katalemwa cheshire home and the like.
    We really wish to make the World a better place for all humanity.

  17. Michael says:

    This is a great job you are doing. I learnt about your work through a Ugandan local news paper, the New Vision (harvest money) article. Pleane I would like to learn more about briquette making. I am a farmer and am interested in this. On your web site you mention an organization in Ggaba that can teach about Briquette making. Please let me know more about this? Thanks. Michael

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