By partnering with other organizations, it helps us grow through miraculous avenues and assists children in unbelievable ways.  Following are organizations we work with along with some information about them.

 Say Yes International

Say Yes International is sensitive to the compelling needs of orphans and widows in poverty and is committed to providing loving support in physical, educational, and spiritual growth. “He searches for a heart to match the cry…”


Skills Plus Uganda

Skills plus Uganda aims at empowering the community and looking for solutions to the problems that affect the local population with an aim of improving their standards of living through skills building and sustainable community projects.

Passion4People Logo Passion 4 People International

Fueled by Christ’s passion, we empassion the Church to go proclaim the Good News of Jesus in word & deed to the overlooked and oppressed peoples of the world.

Africa Renewal Ministries Africa Renewal Ministries

Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM) is located in Ggaba, Uganda, East Africa. Our desire is to reach the lost and to renew the people of Africa through salvation and education. We accomplish this through the love of Christ that provides hope in desperate circumstances. Pastor Peter Kasirivu founded and has led this ministry since 1990, and with God’s guidance, has grown it from a house church of 15 people to a congregation of over 1,500 who participate in the various ministries of ARM. Please see our Doctrinal Statement for a detailed description of our beliefs.

Amani Baby Cottage Amani Baby Cottage

Amani Baby Cottage was established in 2003 to provide care for orphaned and abandoned children. ABC is located in Jinja, Uganda near the shores of Lake Victoria.

We are currently home to almost sixty wonderful children ages birth to 5 years. Children are referred to us through the local authorities and the social welfare system. Many are orphaned when their parents die due to AIDS, birth complications or other factors. Some are abandoned in the hospital after birth. Others are found abandoned at taxi stops, in latrines, or on the street.

Our goal is that each one of them will find a place with a loving Christian family. To date, a total of 131 children have been cared for in our home. Twenty of these have been reunited with extended family members, Twenty-eight have been fostered into new families, and twelve have been transferred to other ministry placements. We do not refuse children in fragile health, thus sixteen children have died while in our care. (stats of April 2006)

Amani Baby Cottage employs about thirty Ugandan workers to care for our children, and also enjoys the assistance of a number of volunteers from around the world.

We operate under the covering of Total Family Outreach, a non-profit US corporation. Amani Baby Cottage operates by faith in a loving, heavenly Father who has promised to take up the cause of the orphan.