Next-Day Employment


Because of your ongoing help, PCwS has a growing team of transportation porters who are adult orphans in which help support their families.  For a financial contribution of $1500, you can create next-day employment for an adult orphan who would otherwise lack the opportunity to raise a family and/or continue their educational pursuits.

In Uganda, employment as a gas attendant or joining the military is not possible without a high school diploma.  Adult orphans who never finished secondary school (or high school) face challenging employment opportunities and many work long hours as farmers, street vendors, fishermen, quarry miners, or even join gangs, become prostitutes, to make a sub-standard living of less than $2.00 per day.

As a PCwS transportation porter, an adult orphan can earn upwards of over $20 per day. This is plenty to support family and/or educational needs.

Here is a video from another organization to give you an idea of what Boda Boda Taxis do:

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