Much Needed Supplies in Uganda

Each time we visit Uganda, we learn something new about the needs of the orphanages. We have learned that most supplies can be purchased in the country at reasonable rates and thus only specific items are at best needed from the States.

Here is a list of items that most orphanages need that are quite highly priced in Uganda and therefore best to be purchased here in the States:

  1. Tooth Paste & Tooth Brushes
  2. Writing Utensils-Pens & Carpentry Pencils
  3. Baby Formula

Please ship the donated items to:

PCwS, c/o Patrick Cowles,

17010 Denney Court, Lake Oswego, OR  97035

Below is a picture of the caretakers of Noah’s Ark Orphanage in Eastern Uganda.  They were so happy to of received Soy Based Baby Formula that they smiled for the picture. Charles, who is in the center, was our driver that day and said afterward when we left, he had never seen either of them smile before.

Baby Formula for an Orphanage

What a joy it is helping those who need it the most.