Daily Routines while in Uganda

As Patrick travels throughout Uganda, he visits orphanage houses and allocates usually $50.00 – $100.00 towards each house hosting the needs of the children. The monies are not directly given to orphan management but converted to shillings and used to purchase items from a list Patrick asks for from the caretakers. From past endeavors, items purchased range from food to school supplies to plastic plates to Bibles.

This is a typical 4-day endeavor for each orphanage house visited:

Day 1:
Location of orphanage house is found; usually a host Pastor knows of one needing help. Patrick visits and tours the home; converses with caretakers and listens carefully to what is needed most of the children. He explains that every house he visits, it is allocated usually $50.00 – $100.00 US towards current needs of the children. If there is a language barrier, the host Pastor writes down specific items needed and gives this list to Patrick.

Day 2:
Patrick and the host Pastor (or driver) take a trip to the street markets or stores of the home’s city trying to locate items requested by the caretakers. The better the negotiation goes, the more items Patrick can attain for the orphanage house.

Day 3:
Patrick and the host Pastor take a trip back to the orphanage house(s) and deliver the requested goods to the caretakers who in turn usually have the children help them sort it out. Patrick is grateful that he can help in anyway possible. Patrick leaves with tears of joy and a smile.

Day 3/4:
Patrick heads off to the next orphanage house to help with their needs via boda boda, taxi, or super bus.