Our Background

Patrick with OrphansPatrick’s Children without Sponsors (PCwS) was created in 2004 to clearly demonstrate the love of which children need no matter what avenue is taken. We partner with other organizations that cater to children and with an allocated sum, help those children indirectly by purchasing items needed in their daily lives. From Russia to Brazil to Uganda, we will attempt to contact and help children in need.

PCwS founder and Executive Director, Patrick J. Cowles, has maintained very low expense expenditures throughout the creation and management of the organization. We are a 501 c 3, non-profit public charity with a yearning to help children in need. By maintaining low over-head, it maximizes the amount of financial attributes we can allocate toward helping children with items that will assist in their education, health, safety, and daily routines in life.

We have also established a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Uganda, which is what they call non-profit organizations. This allows us to better serve the needs of the Ugandan people with our projects. You can see the documents for the CBO below.








Patrick’s Background:

An endeavor over to the Vladimir Region of Russia in 2001, opened my eyes to the needs of children. My tears flowed as children played among the volunteers in the courtyard. I learned that most of these children will end up on the streets as prostitutes, drug users, thieves or enter the army after age 16. Upon this age, the orphanage kicks the older children out to fend for themselves. Some who are smart may be able to enter a trade school to learn how to sew or cook. Others may commit suicide before leaving. Very sad situations.

My first endeavor to Uganda was in 2002, as a videographer and teacher. The children there are also very beautiful. My heart aches for these children whose parents are non-existent or unable to support their offspring. I have visited Uganda in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 & 2010. In 2004, I visited orphanages in Rio De Janeiro and flavels that were built on the hills of the city. The children there are also very beautiful but in need of love, attention, food, and lots of lots of other basics in life.

My background consists of 2 BS degrees from a major university in Portland; one in Accounting and the other in Marketing. I have 8+ years of banking in my background, 5+ years of sales and marketing in real estate, many moons of being an entrepreneur in successful and failed business that I learned a lot from.

I have an aspiration to attain a Master’s in International Marketing from a major university in Portland later in the near future. My position now outside of managing PCwS and its related projects, is an Event Coordinator for a remodeling company¬†company here in Portland, Oregon.

But having an education and experience helps with anything you may pursue but the real gist of life is having a passion to pursue what you want. I have a burning desire to assist children from many facets of reality. If I can help a few hundred before I enter the gates of Heaven, I will have had no regrets in my life.

Sincerely Yours,

Patrick J. Cowles 503.998.4748