2011-2012 Uganda Endeavor

Update: Patrick has returned from his trip, download the PDF of his trip journal to hear about his amazing trip.

Imagine spending your New Year’s evening resting by the fireplace and eating fried grasshoppers! That is the delicatessen in Uganda to munch on while celebrating an event such as New Years in Africa. The day after Christmas, 2011, I plan on hopping on a plane and visiting Uganda for 12 days.

My next endeavor to Uganda is planned on December 26th, 2011.  This trip will require much prayer and more financial support.  Additional details will follow as they are confirmed with contacts in Uganda.

Destination:  Uganda, Africa
Who:  Patrick J. Cowles

When:  December 26th, 2011 – January 15th, 2012
Purpose:  Visit dozens of orphanages in Kampala & Jinja
to help the orphans with their daily needs and introduce
the briquette press.

Please join me on this wonderful adventure to share God’s love with these children by providing necessities for hygiene, school supplies, and now a new way to bless them.

When an orphanage cooks food outside, their main source of fuel is charcoal. Charcoal costs the average orphanage over $50 a month. A short time ago I was introduced to the briquette press, which can eliminate the need for charcoal by utilizing a biomass of shredded paper, sawdust, dried leaves and water.

The amazing story behind this specific briquette press design is that the inventor works in Beaverton, OR and has already established contracts in Uganda for distribution and training.

As well as eliminating their dependence on charcoal and reducing deforestation, the orphanage can sell the excess to neighboring communities for extra income. The briquette press can produce a positive cash flow within seven days of starting production.

As I visit each orphanage (which may exceed 50 locations on this trip), a voucher will be provided to the caretaker for a press and training. I will also be giving an assortment of toothbrushes, toothpaste, pens and pencils. Containers of baby formula will be reserved for orphanages that care for children under 4 years of age.

$112 is the estimated cost per orphanage to provide the briquette press and training, and my vehicle rental, petrol, food and accommodations. Airfare for the trip has already been purchased.

Please consider providing a tax-deductible donation to help several thousand Ugandan orphans.

I would also greatly appreciate your prayer for safety and God’s blessing in these travels.

Love Patrick

Hope Orphanage in Bethany Village after receiving their supplies